What is Offal?

What Is Offal?

Offal is defined as “the entrails and internal organs of an animal used as food”, and comes, literally, from its Middle Dutch origins as meaning “off fall” as in offal is the parts of the animal that fall off during butchery.

Type offal into Google and you will find that it isn’t the most attractive thing to talk about. However, it is a necessary thing to discuss -- and to digest, for that matter.

We all know someone who loves their foie gras (Goose Liver Pate). The human consumption of many types of offal dishes and variety meats are likely more common than you think. 

Whether it is my favourite, steak and kidney stew or my father-in-law the black pudding bandit. Internal organs and entrails from butchered animals are being cooked and served at dinner tables across the world.

Chicken liver cooked correctly is amazing. As are brain, heart, liver and bone marrow. 

Here is a basic overview. We'll get more in depth in future articles.

raw dog food ingredient breakdown including chicken wing, beef heart, cheek, tongue, kidney, liver and green tripe along with fresh vegetablesRawmate Ingredient Breakdown. Copyright 2018

Beef Liver For Dogs

It should be at least 5% of your dog’s diet. No exceptions. The vitamins and nutrients in raw beef liver help with your dog's coat, muscles, nerves, skin, ability to fight illness, bones, and vision.

We cannot stress it enough-- your dog needs to be eating liver.

Most of the health benefits are derived from the Vitamin A, fatty acids, iron, zinc, and many more nutrients that are loaded into a liver.

You should purchase Beef Liver fresh. Thawing and re-freezing offal is not advisable and the fresher you can get it and the quicker you can use it, the better off you will be. 

raw beef liver or offal from a healthy cow for RawmateRaw Beef Liver From A Healthy Cow


Behind liver, this raw offal meat is next in importance. With it, blood pressure begins to go under control, and a healthy blood pressure is necessary for your dog’s health.

The reason kidneys are obligatory is because of their high doses of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K.

Typically I use Lamb Kidneys in my slow cooked steak and kidney stew, however we use Beef Kidney in our Rawmate Original formulation. 


this offal is a healthy kidney on a white plate from beef cattle for RawmateHealthy Kidneys From a Cow - Beef Kidney


Pretty nuts that we would include these, right? Actually, not at all. Testicles immediately catch someone’s eye when included in a diet and food article. We are not doing it for that reason.

Your dog needs to be consuming testicles for the very reason they exist: keeping hormones and blood levels healthy. They are surprisingly packed with protein and zinc.

bulls testicles from healthy beef cattle for RawmateBulls Testicles From Healthy Bull


In order to avoid pancreatitis and other illnesses, pancreas should be included in your dogs diet.

The enzymes present in pancreas are ridiculous -- we recommend that your dog eats pancreas everyday, but not too much of it.

Pancreas will help to clear their digestive system, but an excessive amount will break down the digestive system and cause a bit of diarrhea. The shelf life is low too, even in the freezer.


5 white cows and a brown cow standing in a grassy pasture for RawmateWe Couldn't Find A High Quality Image Of Beef Pancreas, So we thought this image was cool and share worthy

Dogs Need Offal In Every Meal

Offal may seem pretty gross to you, but as we mentioned in the last piece about muscle meats, ask your dog if they care how humans feel about the words. What we know for certain is that Dogs Deserver Better

They generally eat anything in the bowl; we guarantee this offal stuff disappears before you can say awful! The health benefits are there, the taste is there… why is your dog’s health not what it should be?

We can help you get your Dogs health on-track. Contact the Rawmate Team today to discuss our individually tailored, 100% natural raw dog food meal plan solutions.

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