Pawfect portions of raw food, veterinary formulated for the needs of modern dogs.

Healthier Dog Food Delivered

Healthier fuel for Your best friend


We love our dogs and believe their vitality is directly linked to the food they eat. Which is why we created RawMate - Raw dog food. Delivered!


Designing the Perfect Dog Food


Human tested

Dogs deserve real wholesome food, just like you. Less processing and zero chemicals or preservatives. Ever!

Tailor made and ready-to-eat

Bringing ultra-convenience to Raw Dog Food. Each meal is provided for your dog's individual needs and is 100%

Let us take care of the prep

Time poor and demand 'the best' for you dog? We Design, Dish-out & Deliver so that all your dog needs to do is Dine! Your dog will love you more on raw, mate!

How Rawmate Works




Pick a protein from our grain and preservative free menu, then enjoy some time off while we prepare paw-fection.


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Reclaim those extra hours and go play tug with fido. We dish-out our designs to
drooling doggies everywhere.




Become your dogs meal time hero by
dishing out some Rawmate to dine on. Pardon the drool.

Healthier Food, Happier Dog

Hassle-free, healthy meals

Our veterinarian formulated raw meal plans are delivered on a
convenient schedule of your choosing. Save yourself some time
and energy by having optimal canine nutrition delivered!

Small dogs start from as little as $4/day


Want to know what the experts think?

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Recommended Meal Plan

Get fresh food conveniently delivered with our personalised meal plans.