Frequently Asked Questions

RawMate is produced in a Human Grade Industrial kitchen that is designed as a segregated high care, high
risk facility that exceeds the most stringent human health and safety standards.

That varies on your dogs individual needs and requirements. Work through our questionnaire and we'll give you a price that is calculated off the information you give us while providing your dogs total nutritional needs.

Sure you can. Check out our blog for a detailed walk through on the steps you need to follow to ensure that your raw food creation is Complete and Balanced. This is super important.

We use a fleet of vehicles capable of carrying our RawMate products while maintaining a temperature of -5c or colder.

We haven't met a dog that doesn't like it yet. In the highly unlikely scenario that your dog doesn't like RawMate and is happily eating prior food type, please contact us. We will happily and for any reason arrange for a collection and refund of any money paid for you trial pack.

Check out our Ingredients Page for more information

Let your Vet know that you have made the choice to provide the best for your dog (cause we all know Dogs deserve better). Let them know that you've chosen RawMate, a 100% natural, complete and balanced (according to AFFCO Guidelines), its Grain Free, High Protein, Low Carb and contains ZERO 'meal' products or un-necessary fillers.

Let them know that you want the best for your 4-legged pal and that just like humans, health and vitality are directly linked to the food that your dogs eats. Also have la look around the reception area on your way out, just like the Doctors and Pharmaceutical reps. "Big kibble" and some Vets have very 'close' relationships.

Freezing RawMate allows us to lock in the freshness! it also adds significantly to stability and shelf life of the product meaning it keeps fresh for longer (while frozen).

Provided you thaw and keep the temperature below 5c your thawed meal portion will be good for 3 days. Always be careful to ensure you maintain temperature of thawed RawMate meals below 5 degrees C.

If you dog has been eating Kibble for a number of years, the tendency to 'gulp' while eating can be strong. This type of, almost inhalation can be scary, but it is perfectly normal for a dog to regurgitate and have another crack at it. The body's way of saying 'slow down'

No (while trying to not laugh). I mean. You might get sick if you let your dog lick your face, but it won't have anything to do with the raw meat products we provide.

Nothing really. We make it easy. That's why we're here. All you need to do is Choose & Serve.

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