Why We Do What We Do

It is said that a dog is "(hu)mans best friend" yet it is so much more than that.

Dogs are trained to help so many people in so many ways and we want to be there to support them and their humans through times of joy, times of sorrow and everything in between.

Whether you have a friendly farmers dog, a humble house dog, a wacky working dog, a serious security dog, a patrolling police dog, a gentle guide dog or an amazing autism support dog, you will know the mateship, loyalty & affection that dogs bring us in our our times of need.

We choose to support the following worthy not for profit organisations that are making a real difference. We do this because we believe that all dogs deserve better, especially those who live, train and work to improve our quality of life day in and day out.

Who We Support

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Who We Are

Matt Joseph

Pack Leader

Matt is a passionate dog lover and truly believes that `Dogs Deserve Better`

The driving force behind RawMate, Matt's vision and dedication to `simplify doing the right thing by our dogs is what keep the team motivated and kicking goals.

Sahara Grant

Customer Experience

Sahara is as passionate about the RawMate Customer Experience as much as she is about the health and vitality of dogs everywhere.

Sahara is committed to our goals and wants to make sure every customer is delighted with the service, experience and quality of our offerings.

Zero Compromise!

How We Do It



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Our non-Negotiables

At RawMate we continually strive to exceed expectations and push boundaries.

Our Core Values are Non-Negotiable.

At RawMate, RITCH is not an ideal. It's a way of life.


We have a deep and profound respect and admiration for our customers, our suppliers and most importantly the Doggo's Our end users.


We do what we say we're going to do and we're fighting for what is right. This industry needs change. Thats why we're here.


Hard earned, easily lost. Your trust in us will not be abused or mis-used. Dog Health is serious business. We fight for your dog.


Trust us to be straight to the point. We pride ourselves on crystal clear, timely communication so you know exactly where you stand.


We won't beat around the bush, we're going to give it to you straight up! This can be confronting but ultimately Dog health wins.

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