Canine Obesity: No Excuse!

Canine Obesity: No Excuse!

I’m not doing you any favours by saying your roly-poly pooch is cute. I mean, she might be the most adorable snuggler in all of Australia, but hey, that doesn’t mean she isn’t fat. And, fat dogs are not cute.

It’s Up to You to Make Good Food Choices for your Pup

Here’s why I’m going to call you out on those rolls of pudge - because your dog can’t do anything about it without your help. If your dog is like most, he will eat what you put in front of him. It’s up to you to make sure that plateful of dinner is loaded with nutrition - not empty calories.

How Can You Tell if Your Dog is Fat?

I know, the extra pounds can sneak up on your pup just like they do on you. Let’s have a look at the signs of obesity in dogs. First, stand above your dog and look down. Does your dog have a proper waist? She should. It should start at the end of the rib cage and end at the start of the back legs. Can’t see your dog’s ribs? Not necessarily a bad thing, if you have a very hairy dog, but you definitely should be able to feel the ribs.

There’s a healthy line here between being too lean (you should be able to detect a little fat over the ribs) and having to poke around in the flub trying to find a rib. That’s too fat. Your dog’s profile should not remind you of a barrel on legs. The tummy should tuck up, not hang down or bulge out sideways. Rolls of fat around the neck? Not a good sign. A squidgy bulge at the base of the tail? Nope.

Health Problems in Fat Dogs

What does it matter if your dog is packing a few extra pounds? Just like us, overweight dogs are at a higher risk for all kinds of health problems. Extra weight is hard on the joints and can make problems like arthritis and dysplasia a whole lot worse. Cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance are all more common in obese dogs. I probably don’t have to tell you that multiple vet visits can get expensive, but even more serious than needing treatment for preventable diseases is the fact that being overweight shortens your dog’s lifespan.


Not only that, while your dog is alive, she doesn’t have as much fun as her fitter counterparts. When a dog struggles to run, play, or go on hikes with his owner, he’s less inclined to exercise. Lack of exercise tips the balance between calories consumed and calories burned in the wrong direction. Weight gain speeds up and the dog finds himself even less excited about those long walks along the beach.

Pre-portioned Meals Take the Guesswork Out

The good news is that unlike some other medical conditions, in most cases, obesity can be corrected through diet. And, because your dog probably can’t open the fridge or use a tin opener, chances are she is dependent on your choices when it comes to what she eats. It’s a no brainer to pick a top quality raw food like Rawmate when it’s time for your dog to chow down.


High quality, complete and balanced, the controlled portions make it easy for you to provide exactly the right amount of food for your dog. Your dog gets what she needs, whether she’s a high performance athlete who needs extra calories or one of the many, many dogs in Australia who find themselves with love handles they never asked for in the first place.


It’s said that more than half of all dogs are obese and that 95% of their owners have no idea. If you aren’t sure, check out this dog weight calculator and have a look at the illustrations. If you still aren’t certain, your vet will be able to tell you exactly where your dog stands. Then, come talk to us and we will customise a meal plan to get your dog into the kind of shape he deserves to be in. Everything you need to know about signing up can be found here on the Rawmate web page.

Oh and FWIW - Canine Obesity equates to Animal Abuse in my book!

Matt Joseph

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