Five Reasons Why Your Dog Adores You

Five Reasons Why Your Dog Adores You

There’s nothing quite like being greeted at the door by an overjoyed dog who is spinning in circles, leaping straight into the air or wagging his tail wildly even though you’ve only been gone for ten minutes! - a sure sign of love.

Your dog is so happy to see you after you get home from work you could almost believe you were the finest human being on the planet. Dogs make us feel great, so it’s no wonder we love them. But why do dogs adore us the way they do?

Here are 5 reasons your dog loves you:

1. You Bring Home the Bacon

Well, maybe you don’t bring home bacon every day, but yes, your dog associates you with food.

You are the great provider in the relationship, which is a pretty good deal for your dog.

Domestic pups don’t have to crawl out from under the covers early in the morning and go off on a gruelling hunting expedition that may or may not bear fruit.

Every day your dog knows they will be presented with a delicious bowl of nutritious, delicious food, exactly enough to fill their tummy.

Juicy raw bones appear on a regular basis and after a good meal, tummy rubs aren’t hard to arrange just by sprawling in front of you and shooting you a look with those eyes.

2. You Are So Much Fun!

Sure, food is an important element in your relationship, but the dog-human bond goes deeper than that (did you notice the bit about the tummy rubs?)

Your dog finds you as entertaining as you find your dog.

Dogs love watching their owners and enjoy sharing goofy activities like singing together. (Have you ever had a howling competition with your beagle? Does your basset hound start singing whenever you play your sax? We’d love to see a video! use the hashtag #dogsingalong and #rawmatepack so we don’t miss it)

Wrestling, playing frisbee or ball, surfing, or watching a movie with lots of dogs in it are all fun activities both you and your dog can enjoy together. Yep, dogs like hanging out with you doing fun stuff. Kind of like kids, but hairier.

3. Fitness - Mental and Physical

While teaching your dog fun tricks like bowing or getting you a tissue when your nose starts running might provide you with hours of entertainment, dogs are smart and they appreciate having the mental challenge of learning new things.

Obedience training, going for walks, or joining an agility club or flyball team are all excellent ways of engaging your dog’s busy mind. At the same time, because you and your happy dog are sharing experiences, your bond will deepen.

As your dog learns to look to you for guidance, teaching and cool new experiences, they’ll fall even more deeply in love with you - the original puppy love!.

Dogs are pack animals and training your dog also helps establish their place in the pack. That knowledge helps the dog relax, understanding that you are the boss and are there to provide for your pooch’s needs.

Sure, you can sleep huddled together on the couch or watch old Lassie movies, which can be a great kind of bonding experience, but keeping your dog physically fit is yet another way to spend time together.

Jogging, walking, hiking, playing fetch at the park or a wild night with the flyball team are all great ways to exercise your dog.

4. Home, Sweet Home (Den, Sweet Den)

Your home may be your castle but, to your dog, home is their den.

Providing a loving environment and shelter from the elements allows your dog to feel safe and comfortable.

Your dog may not exactly equate the time you spend at the office with your ability to provide a comfy home so be sure to pay attention to his body language for signs of separation anxiety. Overall though, being able to relax in their den and feel secure is good for your dog.


5. The Luxury of Good Health

By providing a great diet, entertainment, exercise, mental stimulation, safety and security, you’re ensuring your dog stays healthy.

Regular vet visits, flea and tick prevention, appropriate vaccinations and regular grooming are also part of a sensible comprehensive health program.

Keeping your dog safe (on a leash, monitoring the company they keep, using a dog restraint while in the car, not letting your dog overheat) is also part of what you do as a good owner and your dog, in turn, repays you with endless devotion, love and companionship.

Rawmate is built with these five key things in mind because what we are all about is helping you make sure your dog is as happy and healthy as possible. That’s why on this website you’ll find information about training, grooming, dog psychology and behaviour as well as health, diet and nutrition.

We’re always open to learning more and we love seeing how you put these ideas into action. You’ll find Rawmate on the usual social media channels.

Come find us, share your pooch posts, and let’s all get to know our pack-mates a little better.

Matt Joseph

Staff writer

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