Has GDPR Got You Saying WTF?

Has GDPR Got You Saying WTF?

We love our dogs and, honestly, if we had the choice we’d be out romping with our furry buddies down at the park and not thinking about stuff like GDPR. I mean, we are a dog food company and we are all about our Raw Dog Food Meal Plans (and our own beloved pooches). But, every now and then we need to take care of, you know, the legal stuff.

What is GDPR?

Just in case you aren’t up on your acronyms, GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. It’s a set of regulations initiated in Europe intended to protect people’s personal information. Even though we don’t do business in Europe (yet - our plans for global dog food domination may change that), we do care about your dog’s privacy. Yes, we also care about your privacy - your information is yours and yours alone.

How Does GDPR Affect You?

You have the right to know what we know about you (and your dog), where we store that information, how we use it and how we look after it. We can’t just send you emails without knowing you want to hear from us (though we hope you do!) It’s good common sense, really -- but if you have any questions about Rawmate and GDPR please just ask!

Only the Best for Our Pack

Rawmate takes protecting your personal information seriously and, just as we only produce dog food that meets the highest standards, we want to look after all the members of our pack when in comes to safeguarding your information. You can rest assured we aren’t going to toss your information around willy nilly. We certainly won’t be selling it or giving it away!

Go On, Go Enjoy Your Dogs!

In case you were wondering, we are also https:// secured and PCI compliant, but maybe we’ve had enough acronyms and serious data protection talk for today. We can save the details of those protocols for another blog post. While you are eagerly waiting for that, why not take your dog for a run or a playdate on the beach with that cute Pomeranian down the street? And when you and your dog come home tired and hungry, you know what you’re serving up for dinner, right?


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