Dogs Deserve the Best, Don’t They?

They Deserve the Best, Don’t They?

Imagine you’re walking your dog Spike around the block when you feel a sudden tightness in your chest. It’s hard to catch your breath and the next thing you know you’re flat on your back, your heart doing weird things in your chest. Wouldn’t it be handy if Spike could do CPR?

Dogs Performing CPR?

Well, maybe the idea isn’t that far-fetched! That’s exactly what the Belgian shepherd, Deril did for his owner and handler, Lusy Imbergova at the Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham. Pounding on his fallen friend’s chest and stopping only to give her the kiss of life, Deril had the crowd in the pads of his paws during his four-minute performance. Not only does this remarkable dog save a life, he is at his friend’s side for sit-ups, push-ups and marching drills. Have look at the whole video here on the Crufts Facebook page.


Deril isn’t the only super star in the CPR department. Poncho of the Madrid Police didn’t hesitate to start pounding on a fallen officer’s chest. Stopping to check the victim’s pulse, Poncho resumed chest compressions with an enthusiasm you could only hope was shared by the the bystander who stops to help you!

Seizure Response Dogs Provide Comfort and Support

All kidding aside, dogs go above and beyond in the service of their human companions. Seizure response dogs can activate alarm systems, find someone to help, or assist their human companions to their feet after a seizure.

Send the Dogs!

Search and rescue dogs may hunt for victims buried in rubble after an earthquake or beneath deep snow following an avalanche. Searching for missing people in remote wilderness areas, these dogs often work long hours in terrible conditions over rough terrain. What a welcome sight a wagging tail must be for someone who is hurt and alone far from home!

This short video from National Geographic highlights some of the many, many ways dogs work alongside us performing tasks as varied as herding sheep or spreading love among senior residents in nursing homes.

Only the Best is Good Enough

Where would we be without our dogs? We owe it to our faithful, hard-working, loving, funny furry friends to provide them with the best we can. At Rawmate, we are doing our part to make the very best raw food diet, one that will keep our canine companions healthy and vibrant through all the phases of their lives at our sides.

Do you agree? We'd love to hear your point of view. Leave a comment below.

The team here at Rawmate are advocating for more Dog Blood Donations. For more information check out our Blog post titled Dog Blood Donations - More Demand Than Ever

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